Prom is one of the greatest night in our life, well, it seems depressing after the magical nigh when you return home and hang your dress up. not only because the night is over, but because you will likely never wear the same prom dress again. Right here, let's stop this idea. We sought out to find alternatives that you won't hang it back in your closet and never see it again. No matter the dress is floor-length, mini or strapless, there are multiple ways to use what you have and turn this once hopeless situation into an opportunity to be resourceful. One way is to Style it for different occasions is and the other is to donate it to a good cause. No matter which you choose, you'll make your dream dress more useful than you ever thought possible. View the many ways you can get use out of your formal dress once the night is over. Shortening your pretty dress at a tailor's is not only absolutely feasible, but it also thoroughly changes how the dress looks like, quickly turning it into a sexy summer dress. Pair with a denim jacket, straw hat, and bright heeled sandals and it will literally become a new dress for your next vacation. Toughening up a exquisite formal dress by layering a T-shirt underneath and accessorizing it with these edgy ballet flats and a wrap-around choker. Believe me, no one will even recognize your dress by adding these elements.