You should feel like a superstar in your Prom dress which doesn't spurn your revised-and-ratified Prom budget. So don't worry; no matter what you are plotting on, eloping with your fiance or hosting a week long extravaganza in the most sumptuous venues, we have an various of cost-efficient wedding gowns under 200 USD to fit the bill. If you're calculating your budget on your Prom dress, keep scrolling. (Note that this chart is a general classification. Wedding budgets can be affected by many factors, and can be personalized based on your unique vision!) Now, regarding the big-picture items. You may believe that you can afford your dream wedding at the very beginning of preparation. But when it's time to calculate all your expenses (like "How much is reasonable to spend on a Prom dress within my budget?"), it would be best to create a spreadsheet, list all the items and hold yourself accountable. Ask for help from friends and family when necessary, but stick to a bottom line that you'll feel good when come home after the honeymoon. Here's our classification sample of wedding budgets to get you started on cost-effective Prom dresses, venue options, ways to save, ways to splurge, and everything in between: (As above shows, note that these samples are general classification aims to help you make plan and preparation within your budget. Wedding costs are subject to many factors, and can be personalized based on your unique vision!) Feel free to contact us for more detailes about the prices.