Spring weddings are fresh and popular and summer weddings are dynamic and fervent, while autumn weddings have a special sense of moody sophistication. If you schedule your wedding in late summer or holiday-season, here are array of color palettes for a fall wedding—from ethereal and romantic to sumptuous and sexy. Scroll down! Orange, dark red, and Sienna Form an foundation of elegance with browns and nudes, then add fiery reds to elicit falling maple leaves. Cranberry, Eggshell, and Emerald Using jewel tones and a few neutral colors to avoid looking too garish. Peach, Orange, Violet, and Bay Leaf Green high contrast bold colors make for one sublime palette. Straight Crimson and Burgundy Mixing parallel colors really make something catching and elegant. Pure White with Dark Accents Imagine white hair ran and anemone with velvet-blue pistils or charcoal-colored ribbons. The strong contrast will make a show-stopping effect. Muted Gold and Pink Reserve a palette specifically for spring weddings, then create a rusted, texture feel with non floral feelings and metallic backdrops. Brown, White, and Gold Another minimal design, these neutrals are perfect for an occasion serene and sophisticated. Carmine Red, Dark Brown, White, and Gold This palette is straight out of a fairy tale style. Red, Blue, Green, and Gold Namely, load your banquet table with all the colors of the harvest.